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Protected WMA file ?

Question : What is a "protected" WMA file?

Answer : A protected Windows Media Audio (WMA) file is typically a digital recording with special encryption code built in to prevent its use on unauthorized devices. This code is intended to protect copyrighted works from bring freely traded and used by people who did not legally purchase a copy of the recording.

Restricting the use of digital audio, video and other forms of electronic media protected under copyright laws is part of a system called digital-rights management (DRM). Depending on how the copyright protection is set up within the file, you may be prevented from playing a protected song on more than a few computers or portable devices, or be unable to burn a playable copy of the tune to an audio compact disc.

Most on-line music stores that offer legal downloads, like MusicMatch and Wal-Mart, sell songs in the protected WMA format. Songs sold at Apple's iTunes Music Store use a different copyright-protected format called Advanced Audio Coding (AAC). (Songs in protected WMA format will not play on iPods.)

To use a protected file, you usually have to "authorize" your computer to play the file by connecting to the on-line store over the Internet and registering your machine or machines with the on-line vendor. Each on-line music store has its own set of use limitations, so check the site's user guide for how you can use the music you purchase there.


Protected WMA file ?

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