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Windows Media on a Mac

Question : My iMac can't open the .WMV video clips my friend sends me. How do I solve this problem?

Answer : Microsoft provides two free Mac programs to play Windows Media Video clips: Visit http://www.microsoft.com/mac , click on "Other Products," then "Flip4Mac and Windows Media Player for Mac."

The first option, Flip4Mac, is a plug-in that lets Apple's QuickTime software play Windows Media movies; it works well on PowerPC Macs but doesn't yet run on Intel-based models. The second, Microsoft's Windows Media Player for Mac, is Intel-compatible but is no longer being developed.

Neither program, however, plays WMV files wrapped in Microsoft's "digital rights management" software. That keeps some online video sources, such as AOL's In2TV Web site, off-limits to Mac users.


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