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Out of Sync

Question : Sometimes while watching a DVD or VCD on the PC, the video and sound seems to be out of order. The voice would come first then only would the character's lips move. Is it because of my slow PC? It is a Pentium 4 3GHz with 512MB of RAM.

Answer : Usually, this is the result of bad encoding. However, sometimes it could be due to bad codecs. Download a fresh copy from http://www.codecguide.com. Look for Klite Mega Codec Pack 1.56 as it is the most complete codec. Install it and re-test the video file. If the same effect occurs, then it is due to bad audio/ video synching. This can be fixed by applying a time shift. Use Media Player Classic to play the file, then open up Matrix Mixer. This is located under the Play>Filters option. Next click on the System tab and look for the Audio/Video sync option. Play around with the slider to either increase or decrease the audio speed.


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