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Listening with Windows Media Player

Question : Can some one help me with this problem? I was listening to music on Windows Media Player, and then all of a sudden, the sound started lagging. It even happens while I'm watching a DVD movie or playing other files. Fortunately, the video isn't affected. I tried it with different media players and other music files as well, but the same problem occurred again. I tried reinstalling the sound driver and DirectX 9.0c but to no avail. Whenever I restart the PC, the problem disappears. However, after being online for 6 to 7 hours, the same thing happens again. Is there any way to curb this issue?

The sound device is running on Intel's High Definition Audio. Here are my system specs - Pentium 4.3 (630), D915GEV motherboard, 1 GB Corsair DDR2-533, Western Digital 200GB hard disk, MSI NX6600GT 128MB, and my operating system is Windows XP Service Pack 1.

Answer : One reason could be the fact that you have too many programs/ services running in the background. Another reason could also be an encoding problem where the codec is buggy or is interfering with another codec already present. Either which, try updating the codec or uninstall Windows Media Player and remove the codec, then reinstall WMP and the codec.


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