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Clock loses time

Question : I've noticed the last few months that when I turn off my Windows 98 computer, my clock loses time. Can you give me an idea what the problem is?

Answer : Although it is not always the culprit, the small battery on your computer's motherboard may be dying. This power cell, usually called the CMOS battery (for complementary metal oxide semiconductor), keeps track of the time for your computer.

When the battery begins to weaken, your computer may start losing time.

Check your manual for information on the battery's type and location; it's usually possible to replace the CMOS battery yourself, or a computer technician can do it for you.

Battery issues aside, Windows 98 has also had some timekeeping issues of its own, as explained at support.microsoft.com/?kbid(EQUAL)189706.


Synchronising your computer's clock

Clock loses time


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