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Batch transferring files

Question : What if I need to transfer a lot of files from my home machine?

Answer : If you need to transfer just a few files, set up Remote Desktop and e-mail the files to yourself. But if you ever need to transfer many, many files that won't fit in your e-mail inbox, consider setting up FTP server software on your main home machine.

FTP stands for 'file transfer protocol,' a communications standard for transferring files over the Internet. FTP server software installed on your home machine will allow you to connect to that machine's drives and transfer any amount of files to your remote machine. Serv-U (http://www.serv-u.com) is a well-respected and easy-to-use personal server software package, suitable for use when your computer is set up behind a cable or DSL modem. You may also need to use the company's DSN4ME if you're behind a cable or DSL modem.

Once an FTP server is set up, use any standard FTP software programme, such as the free SmartFTP (http://www.smartftp.com) to transfer files.


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