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Only broadband connection works ?

Question : We are a nonprofit organization, and we recently received a used Macintosh G3 computer with a built-in dial-up modem. Our old Windows PC dial-up connection worked fine, but now the Mac can't seem to dial, and someone suggested that only a broadband connection would work. Why is that, and what might be wrong?

Answer : Macintosh computers with built-in modems work the same as Windows-based machines with modems inside. You should check the modem's software and hardware to make sure everything is functioning properly; the wrong software or a broken modem could be causing your dial-up problems.

Many modems have their own driver software, which needs to be installed on the computer so that modem hardware can communicate with the operating system. Check the Mac's Control Panel or System Preferences area for the settings to make sure the modem is installed, turned on and set up to dial. (If you don't know what brand of modem is in the Mac, use the Apple System Profiler program that comes with Mac OS 9 or the More Information button on the "About this Mac" box under the Apple menu in Mac OS X to see what hardware and software components are inside the machine.)

Old Internet or dialer software on the Mac from its previous owner could be interfering with your ability to connect. Try uninstalling any old Internet service packages and reinstalling your company's preferred Internet dial-up software and settings.

You should also check that you are plugging the modem line into the modem port and not the Ethernet network jack on the Mac the connectors are similar, but the standard phone jack for the modem is slightly narrower than the Ethernet jack. If the Mac recognizes the modem and the software settings look correct, the modem may be broken and may have to be replaced.

A broadband Internet connection can bypass a malfunctioning internal dial-up modem. Broadband services have their own external modems, but connect through the Ethernet jack or a USB port instead of a telephone modem port on the computer.



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