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Bluetooth-enabled phone and computer

Question : I'm considering a cell phone as a gift for my brother and have seen Bluetooth mentioned as a feature in quite a few of them. Are there benefits to having Bluetooth in a cell phone beyond connecting to a wireless headset?

Answer : Bluetooth is a wireless technology that replaces cables for short-range connections between devices, like a hand-held organizer and a printer or a computer and a cordless mouse. The ability to use a wireless headset -- which eliminates the need for an earpiece linked by a tangled wire -- is one obvious advantage to a phone with built-in Bluetooth ability, but there are other benefits as well.

Over the years, wireless phones gained the ability to take photographs as well as to send and receive mail and other files. Having a Bluetooth connection in the phone makes it possible to print photos and files on a Bluetooth-equipped printer without having to link it to a computer or printer by cable. You can also transfer files wirelessly between a Bluetooth-enabled phone and computer.

Some phones can also use a Bluetooth connection to synchronize address books and calendar data stored on a computer, which can save a lot of repetitive taps on the phone's keyboard to enter information that is already on the PC or Macintosh.



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