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Notable uses for Bluetooth

Question : I am familiar with Bluetooth technology for use with my mobile phone headset, but what is the benefit of having Bluetooth on my laptop? I see the icon on my toolbar but never understood the purpose.

Answer : Bluetooth is a technology that lets compatible devices connect to each other wirelessly over short distances. As it can replace the need to link hardware with cables and cords, it has become fairly standard on many mobile phones and handheld organisers as a way to transfer files, connect headsets or print documents to Bluetooth-enabled printers.

A Bluetooth-capable printer can also work with a Bluetooth laptop, and there are lightweight Bluetooth printers marketed to mobile professionals who want to bring their own printer along on a trip.

As for laptop-worthy uses, compatible mobile phones or electronic organisers can synchronise data with the laptop over a Bluetooth connection -- eliminating the need to drag along a cradle or cable to connect the two.

Other Bluetooth hardware can be used with your laptop as well, like headsets, speakers, remote controls or Global Positioning System (GPS) devices. Examples of other uses for the technology are at www.bluetooth.com.



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