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Modems & CPUs

Question : I am using an Aztech DSL modem to connect to StreamyX. I tried to flash the modem's firmware and I think the process went awry. After updating the firmware, I find that my connection has been very unstable. It works fine for at least 10 minutes and then it would just disconnect by itself. Even after reconnecting, the same problem reoccurs. Should I change the modem? My second query is if a laptop is using the Intel Core Duo T2300, will each core be running at 800MHz?

Answer : The only way to find out if the modem has been flashed properly or not is to check the current firmware's version. Please refer to the manufacturer's user manual or seek further help from the website on how to check the firmware's version. Basically you will have to login to the modem and type a command or check it through a web browser.

The operating speed of Intel Core Duo processors does not indicate the speed for each core. It is an overall speed rating where the processor is run at. With two cores, a task can be split into segments for a faster completion time. Please refer to Intel's website at http://www.intel.com or our August 2006 issue on the Intel Core Duo processor.



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