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No Internet

Question : I cannot cannot seem to get an internet connection on my laptop. The network connection icon in the system tray states either 100Mbps or 1Gbps but I know this is not the true connection speed. Anyway, I cannot log-on to MSN Messenger neither can I host any online games. When I tested the same setup back on my PC, the internet works fine but it just would not want to work on my laptop. What should I do to make things better?

Answer : We assume the internet connection is broadband based and that you have connected the DSL modem directly to the laptop. Have you entered the DNS addresses into the network adapter's properties page? Without a DNS server, the internet connection cannot retrieve any data as it has no idea where to route the packets to. Kindly refer to your ISP to obtain the DNS server IP addresses. Alternatively, look it up in your desktop's network adapter settings. Open the Network Connections window and look for the Local Area Connection icon. Bring up the Properties page and double click on the Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) entry. Copy down the numbers listed under the DNS addresses.



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