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Wireless connection

Question : Hi, my sister just bought a laptop last week so we decided to get a wireless router too, so she can surf the Internet as well. But I don't know what settings I should configure to enable her to connect to the wireless router. Can you help me please?

Answer : There are probably a hundred different types of wireless routers on sale out there, so without elaborating, we can't really tell you how to set it up. To make things worse, each manufacturer has their own user interface (menus) so it's impossible to help you here. However in general, you would want to do a few things:

Change the SSID to something other than the default

Hide the SSID (this option, where available increases security significantly)

Set up WEP or WPA security (the higher the bit rating, the harder it is to crack)

If you're unsure, get a reputable brand (like Linksys or Netgear) which we know have detailed instruction manuals inside. So check first before you buy.



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