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Finding model number the easy way

Question : I’m trying to find the model number of my digital versatile disc (DVD) combo drive, but I’ve lost the packaging. How do I find the model number?

Answer : There’s an easy way to find the model designations of many peripherals in the PC without having to actually open the system case. Many model numbers are listed on the “Device Manager” window.

To open this window, first open the “System Properties” window. In the classic interface, this window can be opened by selecting Start -> Control Panel and then double-clicking on “System” and selecting the “Hardware” tab.

Select Start -> Control Panel -> Performance and Maintenance -> System to do the same in the new (Luna) interface. From here, click on the “Device Manager” button and the Device Manager window should open. Click on the plus (+) signs next to the hardware classes to reveal the model numbers.


Finding model number the easy way

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