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Join CD Tracks

Q: I have many opera CDs, but when I rip them to MP3 files, iTunes inserts a two-second gap between the tracks, which interrupts the flow of the recorded performance. Is there any way to get rid of this gap of silence between tracks?

A: The iTunes program that comes with the iPod includes a menu option called "Join CD Tracks" that lets you combine several selected songs on one CD into a single long track without the gaps of silence between them. To join multiple tracks together, insert the CD you want to convert into your computer's disc drive and let iTunes collect the titles and artist information from the on-line Gracenote CD database.

The songs you want to join together must be adjacent to each other on the disc, which should not be a problem if you are ripping an entire opera. To select all the tracks, click on a song title and choose Select All from the Edit menu to highlight each one.

Go back to the Advanced menu and choose "Join CD Tracks." A black bracket appears next to the song titles indicating that iTunes will combine the selected tracks. Click the "Import CD" button in the top right corner of the iTunes window to convert the songs into one big file, which you can copy over to your iPod.

If the "Join CD Tracks" command is dimmed, the songs on the disc may be sorted in some way other than by track number. To make sure the tracks are in ascending order, click the top of the first column on the iTunes song display window so it turns blue and make sure the black triangle is pointing upward before trying the "Join CD Tracks" option again.


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