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Memory capacity for movie download

Question : How much hard drive space do you need available to use a movie download service? Are the files as big as those on a DVD?

Answer : If you have a broadband connection and some spare hard drive space on your computer, movie download services can save you a trip to the neighborhood video store. Instead of renting a physical DVD, you download digital copies of mainstream Hollywood movies over the Internet to your PC.

A standard DVD can hold 4.7 gigabytes of data on a single-layer disc, but you don't need that much spare room on your hard drive to rent or buy a full-length film from a movie-download service. The size of the downloaded file may vary, but to be on the safe side, you should make sure your hard drive has at least two gigabytes of free space available to accommodate each movie.

CinemaNow (www.cinemanow.com) and Movielink (www.movielink.com) "rent" films over the Internet by letting you download and watch movie files that are specially coded to expire or become disabled after your rental period is up. You're not stuck watching the movie files on your computer monitor; you can connect the PC to your TV with audio-video cables and watch your films on the big screen.

Both services work only with Windows, and each has specific system requirements listed on its site. For about the price of a DVD, you can also buy nonexpiring versions of many movies from either site.


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