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Virus lurking around CD

Question : The tray on my laptop's CD drive keeps opening unexpectedly. I have antivirus and antispyware software for Windows XP installed, updated and running, so what might be causing this behaviour?

Answer : Several computer viruses have been known to randomly pop open the computer's CD drive, and antivirus and antispyware programs can help prevent this sort of infection. If you have used the programs to run full system scans and have found no viruses or spyware pests lurking on your hard drive, you might try reinstalling driver software that lets Windows communicate with your laptop's CD drive hardware.

To do so, right-click on the system's My Computer icon and select Properties. Click on the Hardware tab in the box and select Device Manager. Locate your CD drive in the list. Right-click on the drive and select Uninstall. After you have uninstalled the driver, right-click on another device and select "Scan for hardware changes" to reinstall the CD driver.

If reinstalling the device driver does not help, the problem may be mechanical. The button that latches the drive shut may be stuck or the disc tray may not be functioning properly. If the button does not appear to be stuck, you may want to have a computer repair technician examine the drive for internal problems.


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