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A CD catalogue for the home

Question : I am looking for software to catalogue my huge CD collection. I would like to be able to search by artiste, album, composer, etc. I know there are lots of programs out there, but which one is best?

Answer : A quick web search for "CD cataloguing software" does bring up an overwhelming amount of software that promises to organise and track your music collection.

To find the best choice (a designation that can be influenced by individual opinion as well as technical factors like the operating system being used), you may want to sample a few programs.

Fortunately, many programs designed to catalogue compact discs offer free trial versions to download and try before you have to pay for them.

For example, OrangeCD Catalog (www.firetongue.com) and CATraxx (www.fnprg.com) are two programs for Windows that offer free, limited-time trial editions to download and cost less than US$40 if you decide to buy.

Music Collector (www.collectorz.com) for Windows and Macintosh systems also has a free trial version; the program is available in two versions and offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

You can also find cataloguing programs to sample in shareware archives like Download.com. Some programs gather data from bar codes, so you may need to factor in the purchase of a barcode scanner. For people who want to make a database of all their CDs, movies, books and other media, a number of general database programs are available as well.

They include Readerware (www.readerware.com) and Delicious Library (www.delicious-monster.com), a Mac- only program that can use an iSight video camera to scan bar codes.


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