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Clearing up messy AutoPlay lists

Question : The AutoPlay dialogue that Windows pops up when I put in a music CD or a USB drive is full of entries for programs I don't use or don't even have installed. How can I clean up that mess?

Answer : You need to install a free program from Microsoft called TweakUI ( http://tinyurl.com/382wna ). Run this application, click the plus sign next to "My Computer," and then click the plus sign next to "AutoPlay." Select "Handlers."

You'll see a "Delete" but- ton, but it doesn't seem to work; instead, click the listing you want to get rid of and click the "Edit" button. Uncheck all the drives list- ed under the "Supported Media" category.

Click the "OK" button to save your changes and close TweakUI, and you should see your simplified AutoPlay dialogue the next time you pop in a CD or USB drive.

You can also use TweakUI ("UI" stands for "user interface") to turn off AutoPlay for a particular drive letter or for all removable drives.

TweakUI, however, doesn't run in Windows Vista; users of that operating system will have to live with messy AutoPlay lists.


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