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Retrieve web-based emails through Outlook Express

Question : Can I check messages from a Web-based e-mail account through Outlook Express instead of using the browser?

Answer : Most of the major Web-based mail sites (Yahoo, Hotmail and Gmail) will let you download your messages with Outlook Express, but you may have to pay for the privilege. Being able to use Outlook Express is one of the added features you get if you pay for a premium e-mail account; you also receive your messages free of advertisements and taglines, and you can often send mail with larger file attachments than are normally allowed.

Yahoo and Hotmail from Microsoft charge about $20 a year for the "Plus" versions of their mail services. You can find more information at mailplus.mail.yahoo.com and at join.msn.com/hotmailplus/overview. If you have a Gmail account from Google, you can download your messages to Outlook Express free by clicking the Settings link when you are logged into your Gmail account. Once in the Settings area, click the link for Forwarding and POP and follow the instructions for POP mail downloading for Outlook Express.

If you are not afraid of tinkering around with third-party freeware and shareware, programs like FreePOPs (www.freepops.org) or Web2POP (www.jmasoftware.com) may also help you bring your Web mail to Outlook Express. Emailman (www.emailman.com) has many links to other programs as well.


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