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Resend an e-mailed gift certificate

Question : I sent an e-mailed gift certificate to a friend, but it never arrived. Is there an easy way to resend it?

Answer : Spam filters may block delivery or a typo in the e-mail address may prevent your electronic gift from reaching its intended recipient. Most e-commerce sites will probably let you resend an unredeemed gift certificate, although you may have to contact the company's customer service department to do so.

Some sites like Amazon or the iTunes Music Store, however, let you handle the redelivery of an e-mailed gift certificate yourself when you log into your account.

In Amazon's case, you need to click the Your Account link on its main page, view your previous orders and log in to the site. In the order summary area for the purchase, click on the link for resending the gift certificate to your intended recipient and follow the site's instructions.


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