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Transfer email addresses

Question : How can I transfer my e-mail address book from my old Mac OS 9 system to the Apple Mail program that comes with my new Mac OS X computer?

Answer : The exact steps may vary depending on the e-mail program you were using on your older computer. Most e-mail programs include a menu option to export the address book to a file. Once you have the exported file, you can import it into the Mac OS X Address Book program that Apple's Mail software uses to store addresses.

The Address Book can import files in various formats, including comma-separated text (CSV) or tab-delimited text, vCard and the LDAP Data Interchange Format (LDIF). Most e-mail programs can export addresses into one of these file types.

Once you have transferred the exported file to your new Mac OS X computer, open the Address Book program in the Mac's Applications folder or in the desktop Dock. Choose Import from the File menu and select the type of file you are importing and navigate to your exported file to import it.

Mac OS X comes with some useful AppleScripts little bits of code that can automate tasks that can also help import addresses. To use them, go to the Applications folder for AppleScript and open the AppleScript Utility Program. Check the boxes next to "Show Script Menu in menu bar" and "Show Library scripts."

A small black scroll icon for the Script menu will appear in the Mac's Menu bar. Under this menu, you can find "Import Addresses" scripts for both the Address Book and Mail that guide you through importing your data from Entourage, Outlook Express, Palm Desktop, Eudora, Claris Emailer and Netscape.


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