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Exporting email addresses to Microsoft Word

Question : Is it possible to export the mailing addresses in my Outlook contacts list to Microsoft Word, so I can print out mailing labels for each address?

Answer : Pulling all the names and addresses out of your Outlook contacts folder and into a ready-to-print grid of adhesive labels can save time and hand cramps when it comes to sending holiday cards or other high-volume mailings.

Basically, with the Mail Merge feature of Microsoft Word, you need to create the label document and pick a data source (like your Outlook 2003 contacts) to import into the Word document.

To get started in Word 2003, create a document and go to the Tools menu, then to Letters and Mailings, and select the Mail Merge Wizard. In the Mail Merge task pane that appears on the right side of the screen (and that guides you through the entire process), select Labels as the document type.

In the next step, the Wizard in the Mail Merge pane asks what type of document layout you want to use. Select "Change document layout," and then Label Options. Here, you can pick the size or product number of the blank label sheets you are using with your printer.

After you have selected your label type, click on "Next: Select Recipients" on the Mail Merge pane and click on "Select from Outlook contacts." Follow along the next few steps as the Mail Merge Wizard guides you, and choose your Outlook contacts folder. You should see the names of your contacts in the resulting Mail Merge Recipients list.

Once you have your contacts on the Mail Merge list, the Mail Merge Wizard will walk you through arranging and editing your labels before you print them.

There is a thorough list of steps detailing the entire Mail Merge procedure at support.microsoft.com/kb/294684. Microsoft also has an animated demonstration at office.microsoft.com/en-us/assistance/HA011903941033.aspx.


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