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Check more email accounts

Question : How can I make my e-mail program check more than one account?

Answer : Many mail programs allow you to check, send and sort messages from multiple e-mail accounts, but you need to supply the program with the user name, server settings and password for each e-mail address you want to add. If you do not already know this information, ask your Internet service provider.

Once you have all your account information, go to the settings or preferences area for your e-mail program and click on the tab or icon for Accounts; in Outlook Express, for example, you can find Accounts under the Tools menu. Within the Accounts settings, you can add a mail account. For this new account, you'll need to supply the information from the Internet provider, including the Internet address of its incoming and outgoing mail servers so your software knows where to look for new mail.

After configuring the additional mail account, you can download any waiting messages from all your accounts at once when you click the Check Mail button or when the program automatically checks your mail.


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