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Download a podcast

Question : When I click on a Web page icon that's supposed to download a podcast to my computer, I get a screen full of type, but no audio file. What am I doing wrong?

Answer : Podcasts are audio (and sometimes video) files that you can download from around the Web and play on your computer or portable audio player. Many podcasts appear in regular installments and you can "subscribe" to a particular show and automatically download new episodes when they are available.

On some sites, you can just click a link to download the podcast file directly to your PC often in the MP3 format if it is an audio program. Other sites have links to subscribe to podcasts, and display a page of text on your browser. This page is typically the XML file that has information that podcast software needs to subscribe to the show.

Many free programs are now available to send podcasts to your computer when you are connected to the Internet. These programs often called podcast readers or podcast receivers keep a lookout for fresh editions of your favourite shows and download them for you automatically.

When you click on a Web page link for a podcast and get a screen full of text, you should cut and paste that page's URL into the screen or area of your podcast reader program for adding new feeds.

You can find links to podcast readers at sites like www.podcastalley.com, www.ipodder.org and www.podcast-software.com. There's a free podcast receiver called Juice for Windows and Macintosh systems at juicereceiver.sourceforge.net. Some music programs like Apple's free iTunes software, can also let you subscribe, download and play your podcasts.


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