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Keep some files invisible

Question : A few weeks ago, the My Documents folder filled up with folders I had never seen before and random files with names like "WRL0003.tmp." How do I stop this stuff from appearing?

Answer : You can't, but you can hide these files and folders -- all byproducts of your software's routine operation. That's how Windows normally works, but somebody must have changed this setting (perhaps to fix a problem in one of these invisible folders or files).

To undo that change, open the My Computer window, go to its Tools menu, select "Folder Options . . ." and click the View tab. Click the button next to "Do not show hidden files and folders," followed by the "OK" button at the bottom of this window, and your computer should look a lot cleaner.

It might seem weird to have your computer hiding files behind your back, but the only idea is to ensure that sensitive data don't get moved or deleted by mistake. (This isn't exclusive to Windows, either; Mac OS X, Linux and other operating systems keep some files and folders invisible.)


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