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Dealing with a GIF file

Question : My friend likes to send me the occasional joke e-mail with an animated picture, but the image doesn't move in my Mac's Mail program. I have to drag it over to Safari to see that. Any ideas on how to get the picture to animate in Mail ?

Answer : This image is what's called an animated GIF. This format was once a popular way to liven up a webpage, and users of the IncrediMail e-mail program still often use it to illustrate messages.

Some programs, such as Mac OS X's Mail and Quick Look, will only show the first frame of the animation instead of playing the whole thing. If that bugs you, you could try switching to another mail program, such as Mozilla Thunderbird ( www.mozilla.com ). But unless you get these flashy messages all the time, it will probably be easier to drag the occasional animation over to your web browser.


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