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Refresh your Windows Explorer

Question : I have a problem with my floppy disk drive (FDD). It seems that it is unable to "recognise" the content of diskettes. Let's say I have two diskettes; diskette A (containing "abc.doc") and diskette B (containing "xyz.exe"). First, I insert diskette A and "abc.doc" will appear. After that, I close everything and eject diskette A. When I insert diskette B and open it, "abc.doc" appears instead of "xyz.doc". Sometimes, my FDD prompts me to format a formatted diskette.

Answer : It may be a simple case of Windows Explorer not refreshing. To attempt to fix this, when the "wrong" directory list appears in Windows Explorer, select View --> Refresh. This will refresh the display and present the right directory listing. If this doesn't work, it's probably due to a failing FDD. Try replacing the drive to see if that fixes things. Also, floppy discs and their drives are somewhat prone to failure - they've been around since the earliest days of the personal computer, and the technology hasn't really advanced all that much. USB thumb drives and DVD-RAM provide the same functionality as a floppy disc, and are much more reliable.


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Refresh your Windows Explorer

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