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iDisk on-line file storage

Question : I have a .Mac account that gives me one gigabyte of space to split between iDisk on-line file storage and e-mail from my .Mac address. Right now, the space is divided evenly between the two, but is there a way to take less for mail and give more space to file storage?

Answer : Apple's .Mac service, a $99 collection of tools, software and an iDisk virtual server, automatically divides your gigabyte of space evenly between the mail and file storage, but you can adjust the allocations yourself.

Log into the .Mac account at www.apple.com/dotmac and click the Account button on the main page. You'll be asked to log in again, but when you do, you land on the Settings page. Click on the button for Storage Settings and use the pop-up menu to decrease the amount of space your mail is allowed to use. The rest of the space will now go toward file storage.


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