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Rescue your hard drive

Question : My hard drive crashed although my computer is only 10 months old. A computer technician who looked at my hard drive said it was broken and not infected with a virus. Can anything be done to prevent a hard-drive crash?

Answer : Factors that can contribute to early hard-drive death include jarring or dropping the computer while the system is on and the drive is spinning. Keeping the computer in a stationary, stable position when using it can help, but it is also possible that the drive crashed because of defective hardware.

Grinding and clicking noises coming from the drive are often signs that it is headed for mechanical failure, and you should have a technician look at it as soon as possible. Hard drives are motorized, mechanical objects with moving parts inside that break down eventually, and backing up the data on your computer to disk or external drive is often the best defense against hard-drive failure.

While you may have to get a replacement drive, the irreplaceable parts of the computer like digital music, photos and e-mail are safe in your system backup and can be restored to the replacement drive or new computer.


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