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Dead Drive

Question : I have a brandless 1GB pendrive. I bought it a few months ago and recently when I tried to copy files to the drive, a warning appeared stating 'Cannot copy. The disk is write protected. Remove the write-protection or use another disk.' There is no physical write protection tab on the thumbdrive neither is there any password protection software installed. The drive still has around 100MB of free space. Why can't I access the drive?

Answer : Is the USB port working? Have you tried it in another USB port? How about connecting to another computer system? If the same error message appears again then the thumbdrive should be faulty. If it is under warranty, get it replaced. Retrieving back the lost data will be a difficult task if not impossible. Manufacturers usually do not cover loss of data in their guarantee. You can also try reinstalling the thumbdrive. Plug in the device as usual then open the Device Manager. Find the thumbdrive and then remove it from the list by uninstalling it. Remove the thumbdrive and reboot the PC. After the system has fully loaded, reattach the thumbdrive to test it once again.


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