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Drive name oddity

Question : Every six months or so, I do a clean sweep, total erase, and reinstall of my system. One time l had reinstalled most of my programs, but some were conflicting. I could not figure out what was wrong with my installation. I looked at some Web sites for help. They told me the problem could be with the names of my primary drive. My primary drive was lettered G:. I thought that was strange, but l could see the C: drive. What was it? It was an SD (flash memory) card reader-writer! I had left it plugged in during my reinstall. Microsoft Windows assigned it the C: drive letter. I've never left it plugged in again.

Answer : This is more common than Ken might realize. Many systems today ship with flash memory card readers. For whatever reason, the BIOS or Windows Setup always sees such a reader as an available drive, even if no memory card is inserted. Should you try to install Windows on a new, unpartitioned hard drive, the memory cards will consume the first set of drive letters.


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