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Resize drives for extra room

Question : I have a problem that other PC users may share : What to do when your C drive runs out of space ? My PC has an 80GB hard drive that is partitioned into a 20 GB C drive and a 60GB D drive. I have been told that repartitioning the drive is a risky business. what do you suggest ?

Answer : Hard drives are filing up faster than ever before with all the digital photos, music and movies taking up space, not to mention the documents, PowerPoint presentations and e-mail we collect.

Many drives are divided into separate partitions, which are sort of like separate containers on the same disk.

Windows needs room to move. though, and if your drive gets too full, the system amy become sluggish.

The Disk Defragmenter utility program that comes with Windows may nto be able to function if your drive gets too full.

When you find your main C drive partition is filling up faster than you can bail data over to the d drve, repartitioning the disk can help.

Because you are moving things around, repartitioning a drive can be a little resky, so you should back up your entire computer to an external drive, a set of DVDs or a bunch of CDs before doing anything.

The old-fashioned way to repartition your drive is to copy all the data, erase the disk and reformat it and set up new partitions.

Microsoft has instructions on this for Windows XP at http://support.microsoft.com/kb/313348.

Once you have set up the new partitions, you have to reinstall Windows, all your programs and all your files.

As you can imagine, this is time-consuming process, but there are easier ways.

A partition utility program lets you resize your disk's partitions without having to erase and reformat your drive.

There are several of these programs out there, including Symantec's PartitionMagic ( www.symantec.com ) and VCOM's Partition Commander Professional ( www.v-com.com ). SubRosaSoft has a similar program for Mac OS X at www.subrosasoft.com.

Windows Vista includes a utility to repartition your hard drive ( http://snipurl.com/1xkqf )


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