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Question : I just installed a new power supply unit and everything seemed to be running as usual. The only weird occurrence is that every time the PC boots up, it will display 'Verifying DMI pool data.. update success'. Windows still loads and every application runs fine. Then recently, upon booting up the system it hung at the Windows logo screen. I restarted the system several times but Windows still failed to load. Eventually it did work but it entered Safe mode instead. To make sure everything is in order, I repaired the Windows installation with the CO. After that there was an error message stating the chipset driver is missing. I ignored this as Windows works fine and I can play MP3's, games and video clips without a problem. But I could not surf the internet although MSN Messenger is connected. I proceeded to backup the data into a separate partition and gave the PC a fresh install. After installing the chipset drivers, I restarted the system and it was back to square one. It hung at the Windows logo screen again. What gives?

Answer : Are the chipset drivers compatible with the motherboard? Is it an official driver from the manufacturer and not some modded version which promises to give an instant performance boost? It seems like the chipset driver is causing the system to hang. It is not possible for the newly installed power supply unit to cause such an effect as the system only fails once the chipset driver is installed. If official drivers are used then it could be a hardware related problem. Try disabling the onboard devices one by one. Start with the sound device.



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