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Soaked in coffee

Question : Does spilling coffee or soda on the keys ruin a computer's keyboard?

Answer : With many people choosing to work at the computer and eat at the same time, the collision of liquid and keyboard is not uncommon. Whether or not the keyboard is ruined depends on several factors, including the type of beverage or liquid substance spilled into the keys, and how far it oozes into the keyboard's innards.

Sticky substances like soda, fruit juice and sugared coffee typically cause more problems under the keys than a spill of plain water or black coffee. For any spill, unplug the keyboard immediately and turn it over to drain out the liquid. If you have a laptop, turn if off immediately, disconnect the battery and any other removable parts and try to dry it as best you can.

For sticky spills, you can try gently prying off the keys with a screwdriver, cleaning the keyboard with a moist cotton swab and rinsing off the key caps, then snapping everything back together once it has dried. Allow 24 hours of drying time.

Replacement keyboards for desktop machines are not too expensive if your old keyboard is ruined. For serious spills on a laptop, you may want to have a professional look at the machine as soon as possible.


Soaked in coffee

Keep your keyboard clean and dry

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