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Avoiding Spyware in Sheep's Clothing

Question : How safe are these "free spyware scans" some Web sites offer?

Answer : Although some sites look legitimate, with slick graphics and bold recommendations, they could be either loading you up with false positives to get you to purchase the product or actually planting spyware if you agree to download a file to your computer.

To avoid suspect sites, you might want to stick to antispyware services from established security software companies, like the free Spy Audit from Webroot (webroot.com) or the free 15-day trial of the Anti-Spyware program from Trend Micro (trendmicro.com).

If you want to know what else is out there, the Spyware Warrior Web site (spywarewarrior.com) has a list of sites known to do more spyware damage than good, as well as a spyware blog, forums, antispyware product comparisons and a host of other helpful features.


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