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Cleaning out the cleaner

Question : I have been getting pop-ups for DriveCleaner offering to remove traces of adult sites from my computer. I don't visit adult sites, and no one else uses my machine. How do I get rid of this pest?

Answer : As noted by Symantec and other makers of antivirus software, DriveCleaner is an aggressive program that uses panicky pop-ups to try to frighten you into buying a registered version of itself so you can remove exaggerated security threats to your computer.

Most people consider DriveCleaner to be spyware, as it uses deceptive measures to sell itself and may even install itself on your PC surreptitiously.

DriveCleaner can be difficult to get rid of because it can spread its components all around your system.

It can also put copies on backup drives and the Windows System Restore utility. Several anti-spyware sites around the Web list steps to remove the program manually (www.spywareremove.com/ removeDriveCleaner.html, for example).

Anti-spyware utilities like Webroot Spy Sweeper or Sunbelt Software's CounterSpy can also remove the rogue program for you automatically.


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Cleaning out the cleaner


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