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Leaping to Linux

Question : What type of computers can run the Ubuntu Linux system ?

Answer : Ubuntu, a free and flexible version of the Linux operating system, can work on many kinds of computers, including PCs and Macintosh machines with Intel processors.

PC hardware with AMD processors and Macs with the older PowerPC chips can also run Ubuntu, as can some high-end workstations and servers used by computer professionals.

"Ubuntu" Zulu and Xhosa word from South Africa, roughly translates to "humanity to others."

Because it often has less-demanding hardware requirements than the latest versions of Windows or the Mac operating system, many people have found installing Linux on an older computer can give it a few more years of usefulness.

The standard desktop version of Ubuntu Linux includes a point-and-click graphical interface and programs for wordprocessing, e-mail, web browsing and other typical tasks.

The system can be downloaded free at www.ubuntu.com, where there is much more information on installing and using it.


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