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Deleting music from an iPod

Question : Recently I was given an iPod, and to help me get started, a lot of music was already loaded on it. Now I want to purge it and make my own choices. How do I do this?

Answer : You have a number of options for managing the music on an iPod. But you can't delete songs directly from the portable player; you need to connect the iPod to the computer.

The iTunes program is Apple's own software for loading music and other files into an iPod, and you can download the latest version at www.apple.com/itunes if you don't have it already installed on your PC or Macintosh. (Programs like Anapod Explorer and XPlay can also move music between PC and iPod.)

Within iTunes and the iPod's preferences, you can choose to have the iPod automatically update itself with whatever happens to be in your iTunes library. This automatic synchronisation feature keeps the songs on the iPod current with the songs in the computer's iTunes library - and deletes tracks from the iPod if they do not also exist in iTunes.

When you install iTunes and connect an iPod for the first time, the iPod Setup Assistant program offers to synchronise your songs automatically, but you can choose not to do this. A more hands-on approach to organising your music is the option of manually updating your iPod. (If you choose not to synchronise the iPod automatically when you install iTunes, the iPod will be set to manage music manually anyway.)

Manually managing your music means you have to drag new tracks from the iTunes library over to the iPod icon to add them to the player. But you can also delete unwanted tracks from the selected iPod by clicking on a song and pressing the Delete key. Using the manual option also lets you load music from more than one computer. (The iPod shuffle model, however, will allow synchronisation with only one iTunes library.)

You can change your synchronisation settings by selecting the iPod icon in iTunes when it is connected to the computer, clicking the Summary tab and checking (or unchecking) the "Manually manage music" option. Apple's guide for new iPod users can be found at http://tinyurl.com/y6q3wx. The iLounge website (www.ilounge.com) also has news, tutorials and iPod user forums.


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