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Hiding your face on Facebook

Question : Is there a way to share certain pictures in my Photos area on Facebook only with specific friends and not everybody on my Friends list ?

Answer : If you would like to keep your weekend party photos out of sight from the folks in the office, you just need to adjust your photo privacy settings within the social networking site.

Go to the Photos area on your profile page and click the "See All" link to bring up a list of all your photo albums. Next, click the "Album Privacy" link and go tot he album you would like to restrict. Select "Customise" from the drop-down menu, click the button for "Some Friend" and type in the names of friends with whom you'd like to share these particular pictures.

You can also display a limited version of your profile page to certain people. Click the "Privacy" link at the top of your profile page to get to the settings for adding select information to the limited version of your Facebook profile.

Once you have set up your limited profile, click on the Friends link. Click on the "Limited Profile" link on the right side of the screen to add the names of friends whom you want to see the censored version of your online life.

Facebook has recently added new privacy controls, ( including a "Friends of Friends" feature ), describe in detail at blog.facebook.com.


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