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Import pictures from digital camera

Question : My computer's operating system is too old to run the software that came with my digital camera. Is there any way to import the pictures from the camera's memory card anyway?

Answer : If your computer has a USB port and can recognize USB devices like those keychain flash-memory hard drives, you might be able to harvest your photos from the memory card and skip the camera manufacturer's software.

Most digital cameras connect to the computer with a USB cable, and the memory card typically shows up as an external drive. If your computer shows the connected camera's card in My Computer or on the desktop, try opening the card's icon and clicking through until you get to the DCIM folder, which is where most camera cards store digital images.

Once in the DCIM folder, look for your photos stored as JPEG image files. Copy these files to your hard drive and disconnect the camera from the computer. (If you want to erase the images on the card, copy the files to your hard drive and then drag the images on the card to the Recycle Bin or Trash and empty it.)

If your computer does not recognize your camera when you plug it in, you might try popping out the camera's card and using it with a memory card reader. Most card readers (which often work with at least Windows 98 SE and Mac OS 9) connect by USB, have slots for the different types of memory cards and can show the card as an external drive on your computer.


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