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Sizing Up Paper in Microsoft Word

Question : I changed my printer's settings in Windows to print on a paper of a certain size for a document, but Microsoft Word refuses to acknowledge the change when I print. How can I fix this?

Answer : Microsoft Word may be ignoring the adjustments you made if you made them in the printer's own settings and not directly in Word. The paper-size settings within Word usually overrule the printer's default setting.

To check or change your paper size in Word when you have the document on the screen, go to the File menu and select Page Setup. In the Paper Size drop-down menu, choose the paper size you want to use for printing.

Some printers have multiple paper trays (for printing standard 8-by-11-inch paper or for printing 4-by-6-inch digital photographs, for example) and can automatically pick one to use. If your printer model has the ability to select the appropriate tray but isn't doing so, go to Page Setup, then Paper Source; look in the First Page list and select Default tray. Select the Default tray in the Other Pages setting as well.


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