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Six ink cartridges

Question : Why do some colour printers have six ink cartridges and others only have four?

Answer : Standard colour printing combines four separate inks cyan, magenta, yellow and black to create a wide range of colours on the page. The four-colour printing method is used in everything from home inkjet printers to large industrial presses used to print magazines, posters and books.

Many printers made to print colour photographs now use six separate inks to produce images, usually adding lighter versions of cyan and magenta to the regular four colours. The two additional inks are intended to help create photographs with richer, more precise colour than you could get with a four-colour printer. Some printers now even use eight ink cartridges, adding red and green to the mix.

When buying a printer, consider what kind of printing you are most likely to be doing. Many four-colour printers produce good photos and colour documents, and are less expensive both initially and for replacement ink cartridges than printers intended for photo printing.


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