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Printing woes

Question : I just bought a new printer and I started printing out documents fine. But when I tried printing a webpage, half of it would be missing! I tried a few times again and again but the same thing happened again! I decided to just copy and paste the text in a word document but it really takes a long time. Is there any better way to solve this?

Answer : Printing web pages is a tricky affair and most browsers can handle simple pages. However, when it comes to those with lots of pictures, frames and objects, they usually mess it up real bad. Some third party applications like PrintPunk (www.printpunk.com) try to solve that problem, but if you're not willing to fork out any money then you're out of luck. If you only need to print the text, what you could do is to highlight the selected text you need, go to File > Print and then choose "Selection" under the Print Range section. IE will then send only the highlighted text to the printer.


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