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Getting around notebook troubles

Question : The screen on my notebook computer went black, and I can't get it back on. What could be the problem?

Answer : This could point to some serious issue with the notebook. Before you panic, though, do what a service technician would tell you to do.

First, shut down the computer and let it sit for thirty seconds or so. Turn it back on, and see if the problem is resolved.

Make sure that your notebook is not "docked" in a docking station, and be sure that you haven't accidentally activated the external video out mode and shut off the machine's main display.

After that, if the display still isn't working, it may be time to call the technical support number of your notebook manufacturer.

You'll probably be asked to run your machine through a "diagnostic mode." A diagnostic mode will allow the computer to emit a series of sounds that will tell you, or a service technician, whether a subsystem on the notebook has failed.

On Dell notebooks, the diagnostic mode is entered by turning the machine off, holding down the Fn key and the power button simultaneously, and then releasing both.


Getting around notebook troubles

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