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Set Google to its US homepage

Question : I'm having terrible Google problems with a PC I bought in London. Even though I'm back in the United States and have changed my Google settings, the computer returns results from Britain to my Google searches. Is there anything that can be done?

Answer : If Google thinks you are a user from another country, it will usually redirect you from the www.google.com domain here in the United States to the Google site in what it thinks is your country of origin -- like www.google.co.uk in Britain or www.google.co.kr in Korea. This is meant to make it easier to use the company's location-specific search tools and features.

To determine your location, Google looks at your computer's IP (Internet Protocol) address, its unique number among all the other computers connected to the Internet at the time. Your Internet provider supplies your computer's IP address, so it is possible that the search engine is being thrown off if you connect remotely to an office network based in Britain. If you installed the Google Toolbar in London, check your settings on the Search tab in the Options area to make sure it is pointing to the American site.

If you go to the Google page and find yourself on the British site, click the "Go to Google.com" link, at right below the search box. Google says this should send you to the U.S. home page for this and all future visits, as long as you have cookies enabled on your Web browser. You also need to have your Web browser set to accept cookies to save any changes you make to Google's settings.

If you want to keep cookies disabled, you can set your browser to the American version of the Google home page by simply bookmarking the page www.google.com/webhp.

If you need help, contact Google by clicking the Preferences/Settings link on the main Help page and then the Contact Us link at the bottom of the page.


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