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Cool search engine tricks

Question : How can I exclude specific terms from a search result ?

Answer : Most search engines recognise the plus (+) and minus (-) signs as operators that allow you to narrow search results. When you use the plus sign directly in front of a word, you're telling the search engine that search results must include that word.

If you use the minus sign directly in front of a word, you're telling the search engine that results returned should not include that word.

As an example, let's say you want to search for pages that include "bill clinton" in them but not "hillary." Using the plus and minus operators, the search phrase would like this : +bill clinton-hillary. Note that there must not be a space in-between the plus or minus sign and the term to which it is attached.

Also, if the search term that must be included in search results contains spaces, as in "bill clinton" above, put quotation marks around the term, Quotation marks, when used with or without the plus or minus signs, tell a search engine that the exact phrase must be included in results that are returned.


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Cool search engine tricks


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