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Beware of strange computers

COMPUTER TIPS VACATIONERS should avoid transacting their online business on computers that are not their own. The user has no way of knowing whether the computer is properly protected against viruses and worms. Otherwise a computer could potentially be hiding spyware that forwards passwords and ID codes on to swindlers.

The user does not know how much value the Internet provider places on security. Any sensitive data should be transmitted in encrypted form only. It is recommended that users store data for online purchases and bookings on external storage media or printing them out. This allows for later auditing and proofing how transactions were performed.

Yet at the same time, users must guard against viruses infecting their external storage media. The agency also recommends regularly inspecting account activity and setting a daily limit for monetary transactions for online banking.

To prevent subsequent users from examining your data, all personal information should be carefully deleted once the browsing session is finished. This includes the browser's history directory and the "Sent Messages" folder on email programs.


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