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Staying updated on security

Question : Why does Windows say my antivirus program is out of date when I just recently installed it ?

Answer : The Security Center feature in Windows XP ( Service Pack 2 ) monitors the defensive readiness and state of your system's firewall and antivirus programs, as well as its Windows Automatic Updates settings.

The security Center has most likely detected that the antivirus program has not been updated.

To keep your PC protected from new viruses, Trojan horses and other malicious software flying around the Internet, the antivirus program needs to download regular updates from the manufacturer.

Try opening and manually updating your anti-virus program ( most recently ones have an Update button on the main screen ), or adjusting the program's settings so updates can be automatically downloaded more frequently.

You may also get a Security Center alert if the subscription for your antivirus program has expired - which means your PC is not currently protected against threats.


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