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Recovering a lost password

Question : I've had Outlook Express set to save my e-mail password for so long that now I do not remember what the password was and I did not write it down. Is there an easy way I can find out what it is ?

Answer : Having Outlook Express ( or any other mail program ) automatically remember your password saves time getting to your e-mail, but along with memory lapses, there are some security concerns with handling your password this way. Passwords that are automatically supplied to the mail program -- and changed infrequently -- make you more vulnerable to Internet intruders and malware looking for email accounts to hijack.

One way to find out the password is to call your Internet service provider and ask a technical-support person to reveal it or reset it for you.

If you want to take a do-it-yourself approach, perhaps the easiest way to recover a password is to download and use a password recovery program.

There are dozens of such programs around the Web.

Shareware archives like www.tucows.com and http://versiontracker.com usually have a few inexpensive password-recovery programs; there is also a list at http://openwall.com/passwords.

Make sure your firewall and antivirus programs are up to date when downloading software.


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Recovering a lost password



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