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More files listed in Excel

Question : When I start Microsoft Excel, the program shows me a list of the last four spreadsheets I have used. Is there a way to increase this number so I can see more files listed?

Answer : The main three programs in Microsoft's Office suite -- Word, Excel and PowerPoint -- all have a Recently Used Files list under each program's File menu that you can use to call up documents you have worked on lately. This list can save you some time digging around in your hard drive, especially if you can't remember exactly what you called the file or where you saved it the last time you worked on it.

You can display up to nine different documents in the Recently Used Files list for Excel. To increase the number you see in the list in Office 2003 for Windows, open Excel and go to the Tools menu, then to Options.

Click on the General tab and next to the checked box for "Recently used file list," change the number from four to however many files you want to see listed, and click the OK button. The next time you start Excel, you should see that number of files listed in the File menu

In the Mac OS X version of Microsoft Office, you can adjust the number of files recently displayed in the File menu by selecting Preferences under the Excel menu and clicking on the General tab in the resulting box.

If you decide that you do not want to have your recent work displayed in the File menu for anyone to see, you can also turn off the feature by unchecking that box next to the "Recently used file list" item in the program's Options or Preferences box.


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